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can I

just have a sweet girl to love on? to eat pizza with and watch game of thrones with? is that so hard?

ugh .___.

05.25.14 0

woooo! so instead of moving in November and having baby girl here, I’m moving next week and having her in Roanoke.

reason being, I can’t stand being away from my hubby for more than a day and so far he’s been gone for a month & it sucks having him so far away. FaceTime and phone calls aren’t enough.

so excited & happy c:

09.20.13 0
Zoom 😘 oh, haaaaai (Taken with instagram)

😘 oh, haaaaai (Taken with instagram)

04.17.12 0
Zoom stuffed crust ! (Taken with instagram)

stuffed crust ! (Taken with instagram)

03.31.12 1
Zoom love this outfit !

love this outfit !

03.28.12 1
Zoom so, ray & i like to eat…..a lot.

so, ray & i like to eat…..a lot.

03.14.12 9

The One You Say Goodnight To - Kina Grannis

03.10.12 3
i am

605,053,493 seconds old

thought you’d like to know (:

02.04.12 1
andiacrimony came to my job today & said

i post good stuff and i haven’t posted anything lately, so just for her, i will post new stuff (:


12.14.11 0
my birthday

is Saturday you guys! I’m thinking that I’m going to go to the new Pandora store that opened in the mall and buy myself a bracelet or a ring. Since I’ve had a job, I haven’t spent any money on myself so this is me being selfish for once (:

There’s just so much jewelry to choose from though…..

11.28.11 9